How to write an obituary?

At Funeral Caring USA, we focus on providing compassionate funeral services for San Antonio residents. When someone we love passes away, letting friends and family know can be a hard task. When you write an obituary, you not only honor the life of your loved one but you also provide important information about the memorial services.

If you’re wondering how to write an obituary, we’re providing you with this guide to make it a bit easier. You can always contact one of our representatives to assist you with any details and finishing touches. Need help publishing too? Call us today!

What is an obituary?

Commonly found in newspapers, an obituary is the announcement of the death of someone. The obituary not only informs people of the passing of someone, but it also provides information on any service or memorial that’s scheduled. Besides informing, it’s a lovely farewell message to honor the memory of the person who passed while also providing a summary of the life of the person. Lastly, an obituary can be saved to remember the life of your loved one; as a result, it’s quite important that your message is meaningful.

What needs to be in the obituary

  1.   The Announcement

You start your obituary by announcing the death of the person. You state their full name, a brief description, and their birth and death dates. You can also start by adding a picture of the deceased.

  1.   Summary of their life

You don’t have to write an entire biography of your loved one, but you can provide a summary (in chronological order) of who they were. Think about all the significant events in this person’s life that could provide insight about them to anyone reading.

  1.   Talk about the family

Name the relatives, both living and deceased. Write the full names of the parents, siblings, spouse, children, and grandchildren. Mention if the family members are deceased or alive. You don’t need to write the full name of every relative, only the ones who were the closest.

  1.   Provide funeral information

Last but certainly not least, provide the date, time, and location of the funeral, memorial service or reception. This is where you can also provide specifics about flowers, donations, and other details you would like to provide.

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