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What To Wear To A Funeral For A Woman

What To Wear To A Funeral For A Woman

When you attend a funeral, you want to commemorate your loved one who has passed or offer your support and company to those in grief. It can be shown in even the smallest details, and dressing appropriately for the occasion is an excellent way of doing so. 

However, since there are more relevant details to tend to, we’ll show you what to wear to a funeral for a woman so that it is easy and stress-free.

Always Respect The Dress Code

Black, modest, and sober. That is the standard funeral dress code and your safest option to opt for when attending one. However, some funerals may have special dress code requirements, which you should follow at your discretion when you choose your outfit.

For instance, in a celebration of life, you may be allowed to wear brighter colors. It may be the opposite in a traditional funeral, yet more elevated than most funerals. Additionally, any cultural traditions should be noted and respected too.

Overall, you should always consider the arranger’s special requests. If there aren’t any, follow the basic formula on what to wear to a funeral for a woman:

Color Palette

Always try to stick to black as it is traditionally the color representing respect in mourning. If you happen not to have any black pieces in your closet, you can avoid the trouble of finding a new outfit and wear other dark shades such as gray, brown, navy blue, and so on.

Modest Clothes

When dressing for a funeral, you should always consider dressing modestly. Stick to simple dress silhouettes, long-sleeve blouses, and similar garments. Showing too much skin is deemed inappropriate, which is why longer hemlines, covered shoulders, and high neck shirts are ideal.

Comfortable Pieces

Considering what to wear to a funeral for a woman isn’t merely about the looks but also comfort. You may not be sitting the entire ceremony and have to walk and stand at times. Additionally, you may have to stand in grass and soil during the burial.

You want to ensure you are able to do all of this comfortably with your clothes, shoes, and accessory choices. For instance, you may keep a discreet jacket or sweater if you get cold and opt for stylish flats.

Simple Accessories

When you think about what to wear to a funeral for a woman, don’t forget about accessories. These are known for tying a look together. They can do the same for a funeral but should use the same line of modest dressing. You can accessorize with smaller pieces like delicate chains, earrings, clutches, or small purses.