A Reddit Story About Coping with Loss That You’ll Like to Share

Internet is known for being a source of positive and negative content and an endless field of information that is really easy to get lost into. While most online sharing platforms are not a good source of advice, some exceptions may be found if you search in the right place.

This time, we found a touching post from Reddit that we could not help but share with you. We think it provides people with valuable advice on how to deal with loss in a way that opens your mind and gives you relief, two things that really help when you have just lost someone you loved.

Written by user ‘princessleiao’ in February of 2014

The hardest part about losing someone important is that your life doesn’t end. You don’t get to stop being in the world just because you lost someone. No one can tell by looking at you the screaming pain you are suffering inside, you look like you always looked, a little tired maybe, but the same.

So you wake up the next day, and you breathe, and you shower, and you get dressed and you go through your day, because nothing stops for your loss and your pain. The sun still rises and the world still turns. After days and weeks of going through the day, you are more used to the pain of the loss, you adjust to the empty space. Sometimes it still surprises you though, like you’ve suddenly found a drop off under the waves at the beach. It splashes over your head and knocks the breath out of you, but you get your footing, you come up for air, you breathe again. The day goes on, but you are wary for the rest of the day.

You just keep going, because to stop, or to give up, or to quit, means that everything the person showed you, or taught you, or gave was worthless to you and to the world. It wasn’t, so you keep going.

You make new habits, new connections to replace some of the broken ones, some of them stay broken and you don’t try to change that. It has to be that way. It’s part of the inevitability of life, things change.

You’ll cry when it’s the right time for you to cry. You’ll secretly share something with them when things happen that should be shared. You’ll sometimes talk to them like they’ve been there the whole time. You will be mad at them for leaving you here without them. You will be so mad at them sometimes it won’t be anywhere close to rational. It’s not, I guess, but it’s okay, that goes away too, after a while.

You go on and you lead a life, an every-single-day-of-it life, just like they did before you lost them. Someday, if you did a good job with your life, someone else will be missing you the same way.