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Selecting the correct casket for your loved one can be a hard task. And finding a compassionate and reliable funeral service isn’t easy either. Personal attention should be a must in these grieving times. We are committed to providing you support to help you with the remembrance of your loved one. It’s important to consider the different religious or cultural customs each family has. To us, it’s important for you to find what suits your personal style and budget best. We want to provide a variety of materials, sizes, and design. After all, we want to adjust to your economical and personal needs.

Funeral Caring USA®  is a veteran owned and operated funeral service in San Antonio, Texas. We provide a reasonably priced funeral alternative to the expensive traditional funeral services. Our policy is to deliver cost-effective services and quality care. Our goal is to give your family compassionate care without the cost of traditional funeral homes and to provide you with suitable casket options for the eternal rest for your beloved one.

Choose from a variety of simple and elegant caskets, or look through to the most luxurious designs

Bristol Caskets

Roanoke Caskets

Carolina Cedar Caskets

We offer a wide selection of beautiful and affordable options created to fit any budget. Consequently, we are leaders in fair-priced and high-quality funeral products in the entire San Antonio area and offer quality casket and urns at wholesale prices.

By specializing in high-quality but fair-priced solutions, we have been welcomed and accepted with great success, and after 18 years, we are now established in 5 different locations and have grown to become a leader in funeral services in San Antonio.

Give your loved one the dignified funeral service they deserve. Remember your loved one and celebrate their memory with Funeral Caring USA®.

With our organized, value-driven, and not extravagant approach, we are supportive of people at their weakest moments sharing our belief that funerals do not have to be expensive to be dignified.