How to Plan a Celebration of Life

How to Plan a Celebration of Life: A Practical & Comprehensive Planning Guide.

The main objective of a celebration of life is to honor the best of a person’s life, whether they’ve passed away or not. It is more common nowadays for people to opt for a celebration of life to commemorate a loved one’s departure more positively. 

If you want to plan a celebration of life for departed loved one but you don’t know where to get started, we can help. The guidelines for a celebration of life are not written on stone. A celebration of life is a personal and memorable experience.

Planning your loved one’s celebration shouldn’t be frustrating at all. With our versatile guide, we’ll help the process of planning your celebration of life a lot easier and more comfortable.

Establish Style & Concept.

Conceptualizing can be hard, especially for important events like a celebration of life, but due to the nature of the occasion, you can develop the concept based on the peculiarities of the person you’re honoring. Don’t get overwhelmed about the style of your celebration, your loved one’s life will be your source for inspiration from which you’ll be able to create a personalized and intimate moment.

Brainstorm about their past vocation, talents, habits, hobbies, interests, attitudes, preferences, values, and anything characteristic of them. When generating your concept, focus on all of the beautiful feelings you shared with them and think about how you can reflect it with your family or guests. Asking your guests about the memories they shared with that person is a great way to gather more experiences and help you interact with your guests, bringing everyone closer.

Look for the Location & Desired Setting.

The location for your celebration will set the mood and ambiance you want for your event. Make sure it goes along with your concept and that most of your guests can reach. Some location ideas we have for you are your home, your loved one’s residence, a favorite place of them or a funeral home to name a few of the most common ones.

Choose Time.

Once you’ve got your concept, you can work from there for every other aspect of your celebration of life. Time and schedule are very important but don’t feel pressured by them, you and your guests deserve a happy moment without having to rush.

Start by selecting the date for your celebration of life. Some celebrations can extend to several days, particularly if you’re planning on traveling. Keep in mind the amount of time your activities will consume, how long your guests will take to arrive and other factors affected by time.

You can choose significant dates such as holidays that your loved one enjoyed or even a day to reflect a certain habit they had. Again, there’s no right or wrong for a celebration of life as long as you know you and your guests will have a good time. 

You can also get creative when choosing the time of day or even the extent of your celebration. Your ceremony could begin at sunrise to represent renewal and healing or at sunset for a solemn goodbye.

<h2style=”font-weight: 400;”>Choose the Decorations.

Decorations can be simple or more elaborate but whatever the style, they are crucial to reflect your loved one’s life. The visual elements that you select have to manifest your concept. Some elements to have in mind are the theme, color palette, specific icons or symbols, images or tokens and any focal points you want to add.

Activities & Entertainment.

Entertainment and activities are key for a celebration of life. To honor your loved ones with joy it’s important you and your guests can participate and interact with all the positive things you enjoyed about your loved one. Get your ideas from hobbies your loved one enjoyed doing. When it comes to entertainment, any type is great as long as you customize it to your loved one’s past likings. 

Apart from activities, it’s ideal to ensure spaces where you and your guests can share the best from your loved one’s life.

Select the Funeral Or Memorial Service that will Accompany Your Celebration.

Not every celebration of life has to be accompanied by a memorial ceremony but fuzing these two together can be a great way to celebrate loved one’s life instead of departure. Whether it’s a cremation, funeral or burial ceremony, select thoughtful funeral care that can adapt to your needs. At Funeral Caring USA we offer all of these services along with undenied support.