How to Write a Eulogy

If someone you love has recently passed and you’ve been asked to give a speech, you might be wondering how to write a eulogy. Writing a eulogy brings out a wave of emotions, it’s not an easy thing to do but at the same time is a wonderful way to be a part of the funeral service. For starters, a eulogy is a speech written to honor the life of someone who has recently died and it’s mostly prepared by close friends or family members. 

With a eulogy, you can lovingly remember the life and accomplishments of the deceased and what they meant to you. When someone means so much to us, it’s hard to put it into words. And while there is so much to say about a person we miss, eulogies are speeches that last around five minutes and no more than ten. In this article, Funeral Caring USA will provide you with some tips on how to write a eulogy, where you can honor the life of the person who passed away in a brief and loving way.


  • Think about how much they meant to you

The best way to write a eulogy is to write it from your heart. Honor the memory of your loved one by expressing what they mean to you, their accomplishments, and what memories you’ll cherish the most. 


  • Gather biographical information and stories

It’s good to mention some facts about the deceased such as place of birth and career and life achievements. Talking to friends and relatives sharing memories and fun stories is a great way to remember things. We also happen to learn something new about that person in this process. 


  • Brainstorm and write a rough draft

Write down the stories that stand out the most to you. In the brainstorming phase, editing isn’t important as small ideas can lead to greater ones. Open up and try to write down your feelings, stories, perspectives, and memories. Don’t be afraid to write down funny stories, humor is a great way of coping and relieving tension. 


  • Edit what you wrote

Take a step back to read your ideas and select the ones that create a better picture of who this person was. Select stories and images that truly stand out to you to capture the personality of your loved one. Organize this information so you have an introduction, a middle, and end. Once you’re done, read it out loud. Does it make sense? Review and polish the eulogy and share it with someone so you can get feedback.

It’s important to practice the eulogy several times beforehand. This way you can have the timing right and feel comfortable delivering the eulogy. Take deep breaths and warm up your voice before the speech. A good way to connect with the funeral attendees is to make eye contact and speak naturally, not rushing.