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How to Start the Talk About Funeral Planning?

While most people agree that planning a funeral ahead is a great option that allows for peace of mind, starting an actual conversation about funeral arrangements is simply awkward. We do not know the kind of response we will receive.

Are you saying it’s going to happen soon?” they might ask.

I do not want to talk about that today” they might say.

These situations make it difficult to even consider approaching the topic. However, we know that planning funerals ahead is an important matter to discuss. So, what do we do?

Getting Started

Of course getting started is the most difficult part of the conversation and honestly, there’s no rule of thumb on how to approach it. No family is alike when it comes to addressing these types of topics.

First, finding a time and place where sensitive matters can be discussed is essential to help removing the “uncomfortable” label off the subject.

Start the talk with a sentence that indicates that you care about their interests and the well-being of their loved ones: “I know this may be an uncomfortable topic, but would you be open to talking about your funeral service and some of the ways you wish to be remembered? When the time comes, I want to know that we are carrying out a ceremony that you would want rather than stressing the family over the details.

Others would recommend to talk about your personal funeral arrangements or maybe persuade them to go through the arrangement process together.

Another method is to start informally. Ask about some of their favorite traditions and how those traditions will continue for generations to come before transitioning to the memorial service talk.

Once you are able to break the ice with them, your conversation will develop easier.

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