How to Help Yourself in Times of Grief

Being aware of your emotions and allowing yourself to embark on the journey of grieving is part of the first phase. Expressing how you feel, however, can be more difficult. Let’s face it, emotions are not easy and repressing them or funneling them through the wrong channels could make your experience worse. Here we’ll share some more tips that could help you out.

  1. Express your thoughts and feelings: Emotions are complicated and can be told in many different ways besides talking. Write a journal, make a scrapbook, and compile the happy memories. Use your feelings and focus them on creating a piece dedicated to your loved one.
  2. Embrace the positive side of life: Losing someone that you love could feel like the worst thing ever in your life and no one can tell you otherwise. Accepting the passing of your loved one and remembering the memories you’ve created together could easily leave no room for you to think about anything positive. However, loss, pain, and grief are not the only things that are happening to you. Focus on how much love you have felt for that person, how your memories about this person have made you feel and move towards the things left in your life, your goals, people around you, etc. Allow those happy memories and valuable things in your life to outweigh the sadness.
  3. Find and walk your own pace: Grief does not run on a schedule and it develops differently on every person. Find the things that help you cope with loss and do what you need to do when you need to. No matter how you might be feeling at the moment, make sure you are always doing your best at any given time.

No matter how difficult things may seem, healing does come. Focus on the small things and big changes will come in their due time.