Funeral Homes Safety Measures for COVID-19

Providing Dignified Funeral Services Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

At times where we face a pandemic due to coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, we find ourselves adjusting our way of living to recess the spread of the disease and protect our health, and these safety measures affect the way industries serve clients.

The funeral home industry is no stranger to that, but we are also aware of how important closure is when coping with loss, and being deprived of this only seems to add to the grief. For this reason, funeral homes are following the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations and adopting new ways of providing dignified funeral care while protecting the client’s health.

We’ll share the safety measures funeral homes offer to provide funeral care securely in this post so that, if you require funeral services due to a recent loss, you can know the options available and decide which one is more comfortable for you.

Secure Funeral Services: Safety Measures Adopted to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.

Funerals gather people to pay homage to a deceased close person, but when safety measures for the coronavirus pandemic urge us to maintain social distancing, funeral services have changed to comply with it while trying to preserve the essence of each funeral ceremony.

With a 10-person limit imposed on gatherings, funeral homes try not to exceed this number (some may include the staff), however, according to the San Antonio city officials, this limit doesn’t apply to funerals. The measures adopted vary depending on the funeral home.

If you lean for maintaining a more traditional ceremony, some funeral homes may restrict the number of attendees and place the casket outside where families can gather with no more than 10 persons per casket. Other funeral homes perform a normal funeral service but would sit guests several feet apart and request mourners to keep a distance. Drive-thru visitation is another way to attend a funeral ceremony and maintain distance.

Other newest ways in which funeral homes provide funeral services include the use of digital media, the ultimate tool to stay connected. Live streamings of visitation and chapel services or online guest books are a few innovative options to participate in a funeral ceremony, especially for long-distance mourners. These services don’t have additional charges.

These and many ways along with special programs created by each funeral home are helping support the community on difficult times. Funeral homes are always open to meet with families to make arrangements for a funeral ceremony, so there’s no doubt that you can tailor the service to your necessities.

Funeral Caring USA Continues Giving Comprehensive Funeral Care During Coronavirus Pandemic.

At Funeral Caring USA, we continue serving our clients to make dignified funeral care accessible and convenient for everyone. Our funeral services are dedicated to meet any challenge with a comprehensible solution at a fair price, and coronavirus isn’t the exception to that. If you want to make your funeral arrangements with a friendly company, get in touch with us. Send your quote today!