Funeral Etiquette: What to Wear to a Funeral?

Deciding what to wear to a funeral can get tricky. We want to be respectful to the deceased and their loved ones with our good taste without calling too much attention to ourselves. A general rule of thumb is to dress as if you’re attending an important business meeting – conservative but still presentable. While wearing black is common, it’s not a strict rule you should follow. To determine what to wear to a funeral, you must consider the location, the weather, and the culture of the deceased.


Funeral Caring USA provides you with some insight on common funeral etiquette to help you choose the right outfit. It goes without saying that bright colors and flashy fabrics are usually a no-no. However, funeral etiquette depends on the person, religion, and culture. This means that you might even get requested specific colors to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased. In this article, we’ll be talking about the proper etiquette in traditional funerals. 

For Men

Outfit: This is the time for you to suit up. Black is the most common color but you can use any somber color such as navy, dark brown, gray, etc. Avoid flashy patterns so you don’t stand out. Funerals are meant to honor and remember the deceased, so dressing appropriately is one of the many ways you pay your respects. No matter what suit you wear, always use a collared shirt with a nice tie.

Accessories: If you like wearing hats, fedoras are a great choice to keep it formal. Don’t wear flashy or noisy jewelry, a nice watch is more than enough.

 Shoes: Shine your dressing shoes before you go to a funeral. This way, you look both elegant and polished without being distracting.

For Women

Outfit: Black is the most popular color for mourning in our society. However, you have a wide variety of somber options that could work such as gray, navy blue, dark brown, etc. For women, skirt suits and pantsuits are safe choices. Remember to stay away from short skirts and clothing that shows too much skin. 

Accessories: Stay away from accessories that make noise. You can pick a delicate necklace with a simple ring. You can also wear an elegant hat (as long as you don’t obstruct the view of anyone behind you) to bring the whole look together. You’re not looking to make a fashion statement so try not to wear flashy accessories. 

Makeup: If you like to wear makeup, keep it minimal for a funeral. Think about how you do your makeup for a corporate meeting, nothing bright or dramatic. 

Shoes: Pick formal shoes that don’t look worn out. Don’t forget to look for something comfortable. A nice pair of dress shoes are a safe choice.

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