Best Funeral Songs for Dad

Known as a universal language, music brings people together and helps express what can’t be easily said. Although we usually think of music as another form of entertainment, this art form allows us to communicate and connect with our emotions without saying anything. 

You’ve definitely experienced before how music can bring back memories and provoke deep emotions. You might be in a good mood and suddenly hear a song that reminds you of a sad time, and it will immediately change how you feel. Furthermore, listening to music is also a way to connect with those around us. For this reason, at a funeral service, music is healing.

We understand that processing and accepting a parent’s death is one of the most challenging things to do. If you’re putting together a playlist to remember your father’s life, Funeral Caring USA has compiled a list of the best funeral songs for dad. 

  1. Just a Closer Walk with Thee by Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson
  2. Victory in Jesus by Eugene Monroe Bartlett, Sr.
  3. I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself by The White Stripes
  4. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
  5. Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan
  6. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
  7. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away by Justin Moore
  8. My Soul is Anchored by Douglas Miller
  9. Turn To Stone by Electric Light Orchestra
  10. Blackstar by David Bowie
  11.  Candle in the Wind by Elton John
  12. Hurt (Cover) by Johnny Cash (Original by Nine Inch Nails)
  13. Grandpa by Justin Moore
  14. He Didn’t Have to Be by Brad Paisley
  15. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Eric Clapton
  16. The Last Carnival by Bruce Springsteen
  17. It’s You I Miss by Fleetwood Mac
  18. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground by Willie Nelson
  19.  Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
  20. If I Have to Go by Tom Waits