Affordable Crematory Services and Cremation Packages in San Antonio

Talk to one of our planning assistants today and get advise of your best options for cremation services and high-quality urns. Regardless if that is the last minute solution or something you planned ahead of time, Funeral Caring USA is here to offer you the affordable cremation services in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Funeral Caring USA has been serving San Antonio residents for over 18 years, with crematory packages start at under $1000, saving time, money, and energy for your loved ones.

We usually want to get people buried in the ground. However, cemeteries all over the world have a limited amount of space available or are suffering from overpopulation. A traditional burial not only involves a casket but also requires of this limited space in a cemetery or a mausoleum. By choosing cremation, your loved ones can be buried in a smaller site, or you can choose to have their remains entombed at a special place or scattered in a special location.

Funeral Caring USA owns and operates their own crematory, which is convenient for the local community for accessible and immediate or long-term response to your needs.

We have a wide selection of high quality and affordable urns you can select for around $100 to $200, compared to a casket that could cost two, three or four times that total amount, which makes cremation the most obvious cost-saving option.

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