4 Benefits of Cremation

4 Benefits of Cremation

While traditional burial services are the most common choice for the relatives and friends of a passed loved one, cremation offers many benefits and depending on the case, it could be the best option for celebrating and honoring the life of your loved one. Here we will show you some of the advantages of cremation.

1. Affordability

In general, cremation services can save you and your family as much as 50% of the cost of a traditional burial. With cremation, you won’t have to worry about expenses such as a cemetery plot, a casket, embalming, headstone, burial fees, and others.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Besides the savings on costs, cremation saves on land space. Land that can be potentially used for housing or crops won’t be unavailable for generations to come. Besides, the chemicals used for embalming can be cancerous and contaminate water supplies.

3. Easier Planning

Funeral and memorial arrangements involves making decisions in a short period of time. Cremation, however, allows you and your family to think carefully and plan together without the stress of making an immediate decision.

4. A Variety of Options

When you opt in for cremation, it opens lots of ways to either display or scatter the ashes of your loved one, plan memorial services for other family members to honor their life, and much more.

Cremation is a cost-effective, eco-friendly end of life decision. You may also honor the deceased life and memory by scattering his or her ashes in a place that had meaning in life. Learn more about the cremation process by contacting us. We will be happy to help.