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Choose from a variety of simple and elegant caskets and urns, or look through to the most luxurious designs. Funeral Caring USA offers a wide selection of beautiful and affordable options created to fit any budget. We are leaders in fair-priced and high-quality funeral products in the entire San Antonio area and offer quality casket and urns at wholesale prices.

By specializing in high-quality but fair-priced solutions, we have been welcomed and accepted with great success, and after 18 years, Funeral Caring USA is now established in 5 different locations and have grown to become a leader in funeral services in San Antonio.

Our Caskets

We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
We are endorsed by the San Antonio Funeral Consumer Alliance
We are supported by various Christian pastors and priests
Our clients may plan their service without the pressure or guilt imposed by other funeral homes

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With our organized, value-driven, and not extravagant approach, we are supportive of people at their weakest moments sharing our belief that funerals do not have to be expensive to be dignified.